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How to look after your marine covers and upholstery


If you’re looking to keep your boat covers clean the secret is proper maintenance of the fabrics. This isn’t as hard as you think – simple precautions such as brushing off dirt before it embeds itself in the fabric, or wiping up spills as soon as they happen. This will prevent the need for regular deep cleans, but they may still be necessary from time to time. Our boat covers can be cleaned whilst still on the boat, and if it’s not too big it can be removed ,hosed and gently scrubbed. Whenever cleaning your boat cover, it’s important to use light mild soaps with cold to lukewarm water. All soap residue must be removed, so rinse thoroughly; when you’re finished up, air dry your boat cover. Never apply heat to our fabrics!


If you need to clean your boat cover whilst still on the boat, you can follow these instructions.

Firstly, brush off loose dirt and hose down your boat cover. Following this, prepare a cleaning solution consisting of water and mild soap (no detergents). Use a soft-bristle brush to clean and allow the cleaning solution to soak in. Follow this with a thorough rinsing and air-dry.


Our boat covers are made with materials that inhibit the growth of mildew – however, mildew is known to grow on foreign bodies such as dirt if not removed from the fabric. If you have a mildew problem, fear not – we’ll tell you how to clean it!

Start with one cup of chlorine bleach followed by ¼ cup of mild soap. Add roughly 4 litres of water. Use this to scrub into your boat cover and allow the mixture to soak up for a quarter of an hour. Rinse until all soap residue is removed. Following an air dry, you can repeat the above steps if your stains and mildew are particularly resilient. ( please consult us before you do this to ensure no mistakes are made.


Clears can last for a very long time if they’re cleaned correctly. This should be done by following the manufacturer’s advice when maintaining clears, considering all polishing and cleaning products and methods may not work for your product. To do this, use two microfibre towels. One to apply solution, the second to buff. Make sure to never get sunscreen on the clears as it will permanently cloud the vinyl.

When it comes to storing clears, never fold them or store when wet. If possible, leave clears on so they hold their shape – should storage become necessary, store them flat or roll them up with an old white sheet between the layers. To prevent your zippers from seizing up from salt water, lubricate them with a clear silicone spray.


Wash both sides of your clears with fresh water using a hose to remove dust and salt. Then, use warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth to clean. Use PH neutral soap only – regular window cleaners, detergents or alcohol will break down the vinyl protectors.

Rinse thoroughly and remove all soap residue. Also make sure to remove any bird droppings as soon as possible as they can permanently damage the vinyl.

Then spray on the recommended polish to the clear and use an up and down motion.

Read product instructions and once again call if you have any questions.

A Note on Warranty Work

Warranty work it is to be carried out at place of installation or at our factory and warranty work is for defects only and not for change of mind situations.

Care & Maintenance | Boat & Yacht Covers | Mornington Peninsula
Care & Maintenance | Boat & Yacht Covers | Mornington Peninsula
Care & Maintenance | Boat & Yacht Covers | Mornington Peninsula

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